I was reading a bunch of posts about how Christian conservatives can/should/will gracefully adapt to a world where their strict definition of behavioral “rightness” isn’t shared by a majority of their fellow citizens. More interesting, accomplished people have fully-baked thoughts about such a complex topic, but instead of talking about those, let’s talk about a […]

Mailing It In

I’m not very good at pretending to like things. I don’t like manually doing repetitive work that feels like it could be automated, or eliminated by a better process. I don’t like adhering to bad procedures simply because “that’s how things are done”. I don’t like avoiding a problem because acknowledging the existence of a […]

Things We Don't Understand

You can divide all the people who might care, or might find it interesting that a company like Facebook spent nineteen billion dollars on a company like Whatsapp, into what are essentially three groups.  1) People who get the purchase, and the reasons behind it 2) People who don’t get the purchase, but never claimed […]

Animation, Energy, and "The Third Heat"

For someone who is an admittedly terrible artist, I’ve always liked working with animation, even as a little kid. When I was 11 or 12, I started taking animation courses at the summer camp I went to every year, even though I never really fit in with obviously talented “art kids” who usually participated in […]

Your Real Problems

(note from the future : this is from back when I was freelancing) “It hurts when I do this.” Well, don’t do that. When I started to put this site together, it forced me to look back on the different people and organizations I’ve tried to help out over the last few years — places […]

Death by Wedding

Does the wedding-industrial complex deserve some of the blame for decline of marriage? Serious Q via @mattyglesias — davidfrum (@davidfrum) January 7, 2014 Damn skippy it does. I am going to puff out my chest for a minute (so brace yourselves, or move on), but eight years ago (!!!) I was out on the […]