AI’ll Believe It When I See It

As someone who’s been deep (trapped, often) in the Apple ecosystem since 1987, it’s very important to me that the company not… ruin everything, basically. Then again, one of the reasons I’m still here is that Apple 2.0 has been surprisingly good at maintaining the basic customer experience even as they became far, far too […]

Good Things – Bad Things = The Things

This is a pretty incredible look at (among other things) how their best player being such a massive defensive liability is just killing the Dallas Mavericks, whether casual fans are able to see it or not.  I’ve absolutely played on recreational teams with this problem, where our best scorer and most obviously talented guy was […]

Instagram: Now With More, Worse Ads

I’ve worked almost entirely in B2B (or B2B2C) software, so I’ve never had the now borderline cliche experience of working on a free application that starts off being exactly what people want, but is unprofitable, and then needs to be made incrementally worse — forever — first just to break even, and then eventually to […]

Dirty Basketball

When assessing the “dirty” aspect of a basketball play, a good but non-all-encompassing question to ask is “if I did this in a pickup game, would someone fight me”. The play in question one hundred percent qualifies, not because it’s so physically egregious (it’s not), but because it’s such an obvious cheap shot (the ball isn’t […]

Can I Do This With MarsEdit?

I sure hope so. I am really sick of logging into bloated web applications. While we’re at it, let’s see if this can handle photo uploads.  Godspeed, bits.

Zoom Delusion

I don’t know a polite way to say it, but the CEO of Zoom sounds like he’s completely lost his mind. You should read this whole Verge interview to experience his bizarre, dystopian, AI-double fantasy for yourself, but also to witness the perfect example of zero-accountability AI-fueled investment hype, pictured here: “It’s someone down the […]