July 13, 2023

Unelected! Unpopular! Lifetime appointments! Self-enforced ethics rules! Very little documentation defining its role! The Supreme Court really does have it all, when you stop and think about it.

And “government at its finest“? I think you’re on pretty safe ground with “the Supreme Court is important”, or my personal stance of “it was a decent catch-all until we started using it too much”. But finest?

It’s just a tough quote. I definitely would have gone with “the volunteer fire department” or something for “what do you think is government at its finest”. If they had specifically asked me about the Supreme Court… hmm… wait, I’ve got it.

Perfect. No notes.

(Editor’s Note: They ruined Twitter, so now when something makes me crazy I have to post here like it’s 2007 again, or else text my friends, and I’m giving them a break this time.)