The Michael Scott Paper Company Golf Association

June 6, 2023

Major news in a sport I don’t care that much about, but have been unable to ignore because the lawsuits are too interesting.

This is all fine and probably makes sense, but there are some pretty funny elements to it when you look at how all of this will eventually get sorted out.

Still to be determined is how players like Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson, who defected to Saudi-funded LIV Golf for nine-figure bonuses, can rejoin the PGA Tour after this year.


Um… yeah??? So basically these guys bolted (no judgment) for huge piles of money, and the price they paid for those huge piles was that they weren’t able to be in the PGA Tour anymore. Well, that’s all behind us now, right? Except… they still have the huge piles of money! And the other guys don’t!

Nine figures, man. Nine figures.

Anyways, I know who I want smoothing all of this over, and so do you.