The Last Mile

I make a lot of generative AI jokes, because they’re obvious, and because they’re hilarious. But, in all seriousness, there is a huge problem with the value proposition of almost every generative AI application that everyone is just whistling past for a variety of reasons. The Promise is the Problem Generative AI as a technology […]

Work Paste

As I’ve gotten older, one thing I’ve started to realize is that there are many different kinds of burnout. I know this, because I’ve gone through several, and watched my friends, family, and colleagues go through an even wider variety of them.  For starters, there is the most physical kind of burnout. I’m talking about […]


Unelected! Unpopular! Lifetime appointments! Self-enforced ethics rules! Very little documentation defining its role! The Supreme Court really does have it all, when you stop and think about it. And “government at its finest“? I think you’re on pretty safe ground with “the Supreme Court is important”, or my personal stance of “it was a decent […]

The Michael Scott Paper Company Golf Association

Major news in a sport I don’t care that much about, but have been unable to ignore because the lawsuits are too interesting. This is all fine and probably makes sense, but there are some pretty funny elements to it when you look at how all of this will eventually get sorted out. Still to […]

Everything Costs

I have been lucky enough to work — mostly — in places that are primarily motivated by accomplishing something. How interesting that something actually is can vary quite a bit, but compared to organizations that work simply to maintain the status quo, or divide up the spoils of some long entrenched operation, most of my […]

Angles, Superfruits, and Supply Chains

This is a weird angle, for a couple reasons. There’s a fairly exhaustive amount of reporting in this piece that has me absolutely believing this headline is true — that small children are climbing giant scary trees to harvest the açaí that I can only assume goes into the acai bowls we get on the […]