Someone Else Further Down the Stack

I mentioned this when I first saw it, but I just cannot get over this ridiculous interview with the CEO of Zoom. Somehow, it manages to simultaneously highlight pretty much all of the major things that are bothering me as I careen into my grumpiest, middle-ag-iest years. It features an incredibly successful (and presumably rich) […]

The Excesses of Art & The Limitations of Science

When I’m not pretending to be a tech visionary, I work in product marketing. This means that everyone in my personal life (most of whom do not in work in marketing for software startups) thinks my job is basically to come up with cool advertisements, and most of those people have suggestions. Meanwhile, every job […]

Prompts, Web Applications, & the Death of Accountability

I have a theory for where things are going, and I don’t like it. Web Apps I could write a big giant post about why I have a lot of problems with web applications. I love the web, but I think from a pure productivity perspective, we’re using it wrong, and asking it to be […]

DOJ vs. Apple is a Bad Idea

I’ll open with a caveat. This is, unfortunately, how the United States does regulation now — settlements and consent decrees in response to broad, annoying lawsuits. I wish it wasn’t that way, but Congress is full of too many old, stupid, unserious people to keep up with most of the issues you encounter in everyday […]

North Stars

I just happened to read/hear two very different — but oddly related — things on the way back from walking my kid to school this morning. The Funded Dead “The Funded Dead” is from Failory, a newsletter/site about startups failing that I enjoy, mostly because it’s a good reminder of just how many software startups […]


Andy Baio has a really, really great post on the long, slow failure of a social media site called Ello. That word — post — doesn’t really seem to do it justice, to be honest, but it’s bloggy in all the best ways so let’s just go with it. I won’t rehash its contents here […]